The first gym/affiliate to have 20 athletes register for The Battle For Middle Ground Winter Soldiers Qualifiers competition will win an Assault AirRunner. This promotion is known as the Affiliate Sprint. The Affiliate Sprint is managed solely by P H Events, T/A The Battle For Middle Ground


Each team registration records a timestamp (hh:mm:ss) within the Competition Corner software. These timestamps will be used to determine which gym was the first to have 20 athletes registered.

In the event that two or more gyms have the same timestamp (hh:mm:ss) for their 20th athlete registration, the followong methos will be used:

Tiebreak method: The gym that has the first athlete registered will be the winner.

1 – Registration

1.1 – Only entries successfully made within our registration software, provided by Competition Corner, will count towards the total of any affiliate/gym

2 – Athletes

2.1 – Teams can only use actual athlete names when registering. Submitting fake names in order to speed up the registration process will not be permitted in this promotion. Such entries will not be counted.

2.2 – When the winning gym has been determined, we will randomly contact five athletes from that gym’s entries. All five athletes will be asked to prove their identity. Failure to do so may result in that gym being removed from the competition.

2.3 – The twenty athletes of the winning gym can be registered on Mixed Pairs or Mixed Fours teams, or a combination of the two

2.4 – Athlete affiliation MUST be the gym that the athlete trains at. If a team has athletes from multiple gyms, each athlete must have their correct affiliation listed. Athletes from the winning gym will need to show that they train at their selected gym.

3 – Gyms + Affiliates

3.1 – This promotion is open to any gym, affiliate, or similar organisation that has a fixed address. The gym does not need a Crossfit affiliation in order to be eligible for this promotion

3.2 – Take care when entering athlete affiliation. Misspelt gym names will be handled at the discretion of the organisers and may be omitted from a gym’s total 

3.3 – Alternative names will not be accepted for the same gym. i.e Form Leeds, and Crossfit West Yorkshire will be counted as two separate entities, despite them being alternative names for the same business.

4 – Eligibility/Location/Delivery

4.1 – This promotion is open to gyms in mainland UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. The prize will be shipped for free to any mainland UK, Irish or mainland Europe address.

5 – Announcements

5.1 – Battle For Middle Ground will announce the winning gym on social media on Sunday June 2nd, 2019, or when the first gym hits 20 entries, whichever comes later.

6 – Verification

6.1 – Before awarding the prize, the competition result will be independently verified by Competition Corner

Questions specifically relating to the Affiliate Sprint may be emailed

7 – Software

7.1 – The Battle For Middle Ground is not responsible for any software errors or crashes that may occur during the registration process on the third party platform, Competition Corner.