Qualifier registration is open now.

Athletes must be ages between 15-17 on 01/01/20

The cost to register will be £8 + software and payment processing fees

The cost to register for finals for one day athletes will be £52 + software and payment processing fees

Qualifying PLACES

Numbers of qualifying athletes will be confirmed before qualifiers start

In 2019, the following # of athletes qualified

Teens Male – 9

Teens Female – 7



These are the key movement standards that athletes need to be able to perform in order to perform the qualifying workouts. This is not a complete list of all movements, and movements in finals will be added to those below

Pull Ups

Toes To Bar

Double Unders

Front Squat – 40/30-75/50kg

 DB Box Over – 2 x 22.5/15


Teens athletes will compete for one day, on Saturday June 20

The finals venue is Hangar 42, Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire, LE17 5QS


Part A – Amrap 6

Ascending Ladder: 2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6…

Power Cleans 65/45kg

Burpee Box Jump Overs

Part B – At 8:00

500m Row For Time


Total Of 3 Lifts

0:00-3:00 – 75 Double Unders + 1RM Bench

3:00-7:00 – 75 Double Unders + 3RM Front Squat

7:00-12:00 – 75 Double Unders + 5RM Deadlift


15-12-9 Overhead Squat 50/35kg

25′ HSW or 50′ Waiter Walk (2 x 24/16kg) after each set


45 Thrusters 40/30

45 Pull Ups

Yes, please contact us via social media, or email team@bfmg.co.uk. Please note, category changes will be limited when qualifiers are released.

Qualifier movement standards have not been released yet

To gain more information regarding the correct category to enter, we ask that you read the previous workout library

These numbers will be confirmed before qualifiers are released

All three qualifiers will be released on March 10 and will run until March 29.

All categories except Scaled must record must provide a video link with their score submission.

Scaled options can either submit a video link, or enter the details of a certified coach who can verify their score

All Middle Ground categories including Masters will compete on Saturday June 20

RX, Masters RX and Scaled will compete on Sunday June 21

The Elite category will compete across both days

Teens workouts will closely mirror the Middle Ground category. Please make sure you are familiar with previous workouts.

Registration closes on March 29, 2020.