April 22, 2020


Hey All You Cool Cats and Kittens!


We wanted to finally address COVID-19 and how it will affect the 2020 Battle For Middle Ground season.


We’ve given this a lot of thought and have taken the decision to defer all currently scheduled BFMG events to 2021. With so much uncertainty in the current climate, we believe this is the correct decision to ensure that your next BFMG event is every bit as good as your last one.


This includes all of the currently scheduled events


We are asking you to support Battle For Middle Ground by deferring your entry to 2021. Keeping your ticket has a lot of benefits, but let us explain a bit first.


We’re not going to bother bullshitting you here. As with many businesses and individuals, COVID-19 has left us in an extremely difficult position. We have invested tens of thousands into the 2020 season, in the form of venue deposits, material expenses, and the like.


We’ve worked our arses off to over the past 4 years to take a small competition in a local leisure centre to one of the largest and best respected competitions in the UK.


We hope that you’ll continue to anticipate what is going to be a great set of events for you and your friends. For all those that do not ask for a refund and keep their ticket what we’re looking to offer the following:


• Equivalent entry into same event next year despite any increase in price for new sign ups.

• Free entry into online only BFMG competitions while social distancing measures are in place.

• Free access to a monthly recipe e-book and a 12 week bodyweight training programme produced by an affiliated partner.


We will be working in coming months to offer even more value for loyal customers who retain their entries. We hope you see the position we are in and choose to support us so we can continue to provide amazing event experiences for you all in 2021 and beyond.


Please stand by your competition just like your all standing by your box


What Happens Next?


Within three weeks we will provide the first version of the 2021 BFMG calendar. Please be patient while we continue to build this. We are communicating primarily with venues run by furloughed staff, so email contact is sporadic at best.


Once the calendar is confirmed, we will contact all registered athletes and teams to give them the option to defer their entry, or ask for a refund.


Thanks in advance for your support.


Stay Home. Stay Safe.


Your sincerely

Rick & John