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Begin at the start of September – 3 Qualifying workouts

Q1: Sep 4 – Sep 14

Q2: Sep 6 – Sep 16

Q3: Sep 8 – Sep 18


Leeds, UK

December 1 – Masters and Middle Ground

December 2 – Elite, Scaled, Battle Of The Brands

teens can enter for free!

If your mixed pairs team has two athletes with a combined age of 35 or less, and a maximum athlete age of 18, you can enter our qualifiers for free in any category you choose. Just get in touch on social media for details of how to enter


The second edition of our popular mixed pairs event. 2017 saw some of the best teams to be seen on the same UK event floor duel it out over a day of gruelling competition. 2018 looks set to see the competition grow, with the addition of more categories. Teams will complete three online qualifiers in a bid to be invited to the November finals.


Our competition is suitable for everyone from first time competitors to those who have been to Regionals. Movement standards for these categories will appear further down this page.

Scaled – First time athletes or those quite new to competing. There will not be any technical movements. Weights will be below those in benchmark workout. Athletes should still move with integrity. To perform qualifiers, scaled athletes must be able to perform: Deadlift 80/50. Front Squat 35/25. Wall Balls. DB Snatch 15/10

Middle Ground – Between the two athletes, they should be capable of intermediate technical movements including chest to bar (male), pull ups, toes to bar, HSPU, double unders. Barbell cycling will be at weights around those seen in benchmark workouts. To perform qualifiers, Middle Ground athletes must be able to perform: Deadlift 90/60. OH Squat 35/25. Single arm KB STOH 24/16. Pull Ups

Elite – Between the two elite athletes, the team should be comfortable performing most technical movements, and will be capable of barbell cycling at and above benchmark weights. To perform qualifiers, Elite athletes must be able to perform: Deadlift 100/70. OH Squat 42.5/30. C2B. HSPU


– Combined 75+, minimum age 35. Minimum combined age of 75 years on 17/11/18. Elite and Middle Ground categories. Standards will mirror those seen in the open age divisions. 

– Combined 85+, minimum age 40. Minimum combined age of 85+ on 17/11/18. Elite and Middle Ground categories. Technical movements will mirror those seen in open age categories.

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EARLY SEPTEMBER - all 3 qualifiers will overlap so teams can choose to complete in one session if they wish


december 1st
middle ground and all masters

december 2nd
elite, scaled, teens


frequently asked questions

Saturday December 1st

  • All Masters categories
  • Middle Ground

Sunday December 2nd

  • Elite
  • Scaled
  • Teens (tbc)

Elite and Middle Ground categories will be required to record their workouts and submit a link to a publicly available video upload

Scaled athletes will have the choice of recording their workout, or having it judged by a coach/qualified judge. If they choose the latter option, they will need to submit contact details for that person so we can verify scores should we wish.

You can move up or down categories at any point until qualifier one starts.

After qualifier one starts, you may only move to a higher category.

In both cases, the quickest way to contact us is via social media on the links in our website footer

Yes, if you decide to redo a workout after submitting, you can submit a second score, presuming it is within the submission window.

The leaderboard software will display your most recent submission by default.